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We are celebrating more success at this years National Meat Products Competition, We Scooped 13 Gold awards & 2 Silver Awards with our Sausages & Burgers, with Shannon becoming this years "Champion Young Sausage Maker"
I am very proud of our young team, this is the 4th year running Ryan twice , then Henry Last Year, Shannon this year

Herbivore, our sister shop (just next door) has proven a big hit, & we look forward to introducing some great new products over the coming months

 We have have the best of Organic & Local Fruit & Vegtables, Wild Musrooms, Amazing selection of Olives in our Olive Bar
Sourcing from very local farms indeed, as close as Wilmington & Swanley, then the best of Imported hand selected by us at Covent Garden Market




It was our goal from the start to do things differently.

We wanted to hark back to the good old pre war era when intensive farming was unheard of and your butcher would start with a carcase & end with amazing lovingly prepared products.
Before rationing saw farmer needing to produce meat quickly & cheaply & Butcher's needing to make things go further & last longers to fit with the time. Unfortunatley when rationing ended these processes increased, Many of the old ways were put aside, Making products is much easier, quicker & cost effective in large factories where the passion is removed by the use of machines & production lines

We love doing things the hard way (if we can make it we will)  you'll see us preparing all our own sausages from scratch in the shop, not hidden away in some back room. we make all our own bacon, Dry cure our own Gammons & cook them ourselves. We have even build our own smoker so we can do this too. Many of the marinaded product are from our own recipes

Customer Review

"Richard is not just an outstanding butcher able to source and prepare the highest quality meats, but also incredibly accommodating and just generally a great man to do business with"

--Rob Allison, Food Stylist & Editor ftlol.com

"What you'll find is attention to detail, consistency and exceptional produce rounded off with first-rate customer service. Richard is a passionate, talented butcher- couldn't recommend him highly enough" 

--Richard Harris, Chef and Food Stylist



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