Exotic meats are a fantastic low fat, low cholesterol healthy alternative to traditional meats.

Our meats are succulent, tender, flavoursome and delicious.

Our exceptional selection of meats ranges from Crocodile to Zebra.

More people than ever are turning to Exotic meats as part of a health conscious yet delicious diet.

Regular Stock

Buffalo Rump Steaks (2x250g)

Camel Haunch Steaks (2x250g)

Crocodile Tail Fillets (2x250g)

Kangaroo Fillet Steaks (2x250g)

Elk Haunch Steaks (2x250g)

Zebra Haunch Steaks (2x250g)

Ostrich Fillet Steaks (Partially Cooked 2x220g)

Call us to see whats availabe to order