Using only the best Pork, we use  the age old curing method. Using the minimum of curing salts & sugar (meaning our bacon will contain less Nitrate & Nitrite), it is rubbed into the pork, then left to cure for 5 days, turned then left for a further 5 days, excess salt is then rinsed off, before being hung, air dried for a further 2 days, (smoked if for smoked bacon) then sliced.

Mass Produced curing has become something of a Chemistry exercise these day. With many additives used to extend shelf life, improve colour & to help retain the brine which is pumped into the meat, the goal is to make the product artificially cheaper, thus increase profits, this is why you will often end up with a pan full of water and bacon which shrinks excessively when cooked.

Here at Carnivore its always been our aim to manufacture all our own products, We are very proud of our Bacon. Ours is a true Dry Cured Bacon, It won't keep in your fridge for weeks, but also it won't shrink in your pan or contain unnecessary additives or water.


Traditional Green Back National Gold Award Winner

Traditional Green Streaky

Smoked Back National Gold Award Winner

Smoked Streaky

Treacle Cured National Gold Award Winner

Porchetta Back National Gold Award Winner

 Treacle Cured National Gold Award Winner